New Working Paper and Taxonomy Released

April 21, 2016

LTQA has released two products from our ongoing work to develop the business case for LTSS integration:

The Working Paper is a descriptive study that defines the intervention of LTSS integration—what integration is and how it works. This is accomplished with five case studies on “exemplar” programs that integrate LTSS and medical care. The case studies describe program approaches to and experiences with managing costs and quality outcomes through integration.

The Taxonomy specifies the key components of integration and describes varying degrees of integration for each component. It is intended to serve as a standard reference point for the characterization of integrated programs and comparisons between different programs.

The Working Paper and Taxonomy are part of a larger project to measure the impact of LTSS integration on cost and quality outcomes. By clearly defining LTSS integration, this study lays the foundation for later work that will quantify the impact of integration.


Jennifer Windh, MPP; G. Lawrence Atkins, PhD; Lois Simon, MPH; Leah Smith, MSW; Anne Tumlinson, MHSM


LTQA is grateful to the Gary and Mary West Foundation, The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Aetna Foundation, The SCAN Foundation, and The Commonwealth Fund for their support for this project.