Join LTQA and join the movement to high-quality, person-centered, integrated LTSS

LTQA is the place to work across sectors with those who share an interest and a stake in long-term services and supports (LTSS) and integrated care – to develop greater understanding between payers, providers, and consumers; to solve problems; to advance successful models; to measure the impact of integrated LTSS; and to influence the policy discussion.

LTQA provides a “Big Table” for the community of organizations engaged on improving quality and outcomes and integrating LTSS.

Become a member of LTQA today to start participating in the identification, analysis, and promotion of best practices and exemplary programs that successfully integrate LTSS.

As a member of LTQA you will:
  • have a seat in working groups and at the “Big Table” for the cross-sectoral dialogue and collaboration on improving and advancing integrated LTSS;
  • participate in research on the impact of successful care and financing models;
  • engage in the education of a broader public policy and service delivery community with little LTSS experience;
  • join multi-stakeholder advocacy for improved LTSS care and financing; and
  • Interact with key policy and thought leaders; and
  • Gain greater understanding of new initiatives in LTSS integration and quality improvement.

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The Need for LTQA

The movement toward integration of medical care, behavioral health, and LTSS, centered on the person and family, offers a framework for making significant gains on long-standing problems with:

  • Access to home and community-based LTSS;
  • Post-acute care transitions and readmissions;
  • Coordination of medical care and social services and supports;
  • LTSS financing.

Before any of the service delivery improvement and financing solutions dependent on LTSS integration can take place, integration itself needs to become a widespread reality. LTQA’s vision of the path to this future starts with projects that help build the foundation for LTSS integration, help scale up small successful models of LTSS integration, encourage large, well-resourced organizations to pursue LTSS integration on a large scale, and generally accelerate the pace of change toward widespread LTSS integration.