National Quality Forum to host 2nd Webinar in the Patient Safety Webinar Series

Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) launched the Partnership for Patients initiative to dramatically improve patient safety across the country. This initiative will engage stakeholders from the private and public sectors to reduce healthcare acquired conditions and hospital readmissions. In an effort to assist and facilitate learning among hospital leaders, clinicians, healthcare providers, consumers, purchasers, health plans and states, HHS has requested the National Priorities Partnership (NPP), convened by the National Quality Forum, to launch the “Partnership for Patients – National Priorities Partnership Patient Safety Webinar Series.”

On Wednesday, June 6th, 2011 will host its 2nd Webinar, “Reducing Readmissions through Care Transitions.”  This webinar will discuss the goal of decreasing preventable complications, during a transition from one care setting to another, thereby reducing hospital readmissions by 20%.  Speakers for this webinar will be Mary Naylor, Professor in Gerontology, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and Eric Coleman, Chief Medical Officer, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

To register for this webinar visit the NQF website.