Join LTQA for a day-long summit featuring fresh thinking from LTSS pioneers on providing and paying for person-centered, quality, integrated LTSS.

LTQA is hosting a one-day summit in conjunction with the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in Boston on Monday, November 2nd. Attendees can register for the LTQA Summit alone for a special one-day rate.

Start the day with a moving Keynote by Dr. Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal, who will reveal, through the experiences of people with complex care needs, insights on care decisions that respect each individual’s desire for autonomy and choice.

Join LTQA for lunch and a stimulating afternoon program tying Dr. Gawande’s message to the work of LTSS pioneers and their pathways for LTSS innovation.

• Hear Ari Ne’eman, a leader on disability self-advocacy, challenge us to empower the “Dignity of Risk” and develop the LTSS business models that enable it.

• Engage in a dialogue with Jennifer Ho from HUD and Larry Gumina, from Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services as they suggest innovative ways to direct LTSS integration to address the social determinants of health for diverse populations.

• Participate with Melanie Bella, formerly at CMS, Dr. Julian Harris from Harvard, and Anne Tumlinson in discussing payment approaches for integrated plans that enable flexibility in addressing the whole person.

• Learn from Alice Bonner, MA Elder Affairs Secretary, and leaders from pioneering plans about how to measure success and direct integrated LTSS to outcomes that matter to the individual.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join with colleagues in this engaging discussion on the edge of LTSS integration and innovation.

Register for the summit here.