LTQA/Brookings Meeting

The LTQA and The Brookings Institution are hosting a meeting on 3-11-11 around the issues of care coordination, transition management and palliative care.  The group of palliative care measurement experts convening in the afternoon of March 11 have been working together by telephone and e-mail for the past 6 months in response to the planned NQF call for palliative care measures this spring.

The aim of the group, made up of individuals who have developed, tested, and validated quality measures specific to a seriously ill and/or multimorbidity chronic illness population (as opposed to single disease measures), is to establish agreement on a core set of measures for submission to NQF that are validated in the relevant patient populations and care settings; are feasible from a time and resources standpoint; are actionable (providers can do something about it); and are likely to meet the stringent criteria established by the  NQF.  The face-to-face meeting of March 11 afternoon session is to finalize this measurement bundle and establish  clear roles and responsibilities for the submission and  oversight process.  We have a few additional places at the table for individuals who want to participate in this process with them.  In addition, we will also have a few places for observers to sit on the side for the afternoon portion of the meeting.

To learn more please click on a Brookings- LTQA 3-11 Agenda for the meeting.