Event: LTQA Symposium on December 9, 2019

LTQA Symposium: Integrated Care for Individuals with Dual Eligibility, Part I

According to the CMS Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office (MMCO), less than 10 percent of full-benefit dually eligible individuals were enrolled in an integrated care program as of June 2017. The remaining “full Duals” are enrolled in separate Medicare and Medicaid coverage and must navigate a complex and confusing world of overlapping coverage and disconnected services. This fragmented care for dual eligible individuals delivered by unaligned fee-for-service (FFS) systems results in greater administrative burdens, higher costs, greater beneficiary confusion, and significant gaps in quality of care.

On December 9, LTQA hosted a Symposium on Advancing Integrated Care for Individuals with Dual Eligibility.  This Symposium brought together a broad array of stakeholders from LTQA’s member community and key thought leaders to discuss how we can achieve better care integration for dual eligible individuals. 

Through expert panel presentations and roundtable discussions, attendees: 

  • highlighted key elements of successful models,
  • discussed consumer experiences with integrated care, 
  • addressed barriers to implementation and improvement of integrated models, and 
  • provided input on consensus-based draft goals and principles for integrated care. 


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