Announcement: LTQA Summer Events Series

We’re pleased to share more information about our summer virtual event series!

Webinar: Advancing Self-Direction in LTSS: Empowering Individuals and Mitigating the Direct Care Workforce Crisis
Date: July 16, 2024 1-2pm ET

Self-direction is a model of LTSS delivery that empowers older adults and people with disabilities to decide for themselves how, when, and from whom they receive services and supports. Self-direction enrollment has increased by 23% since 2019, accelerated in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this expansion has played a part in alleviating direct care workforce shortages by offering the flexibility to hire family members or friends. However, policy and programmatic challenges, gaps, and myths around self-direction would need to be addressed by a range of stakeholders for continued growth.

Member Discussion: Lessons Learned from State Implementation of ARPA HCBS Spending Plans
Date: July 23, 2024 1-2pm ET

Section 9817 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) authorized an unprecedented federal investment in Medicaid home and community-based services (HCBS). States that wished to access these funds had to act within a short timeframe to identify and implement projects that would expand, enhance and strengthen HCBS. In early 2024, the ARPA HCBS Technical Assistance Collective conducted a survey of the states and territories to elicit information on their experience with trying to implement their original proposed ARPA HCBS spending plans.

Webinar: Approaches to Addressing Grief and Bereavement in the LTC Workforce
Date: August 6, 2024 11am-12pm ET

Unsupported grief and bereavement in the long-term care workforce, particularly in nursing homes, can impact the provision of quality care, costs, and resident quality of life. Join LTQA and Altarum for a webinar on the importance of addressing grief and bereavement in the long-term care workforce, and low burden, high impact ideas that can be used to establish a culture of retention and improve quality of care.