LTQA Roundtable on Integrating LTSS

The Long-Term Quality Alliance (LTQA) hosted a Roundtable of stakeholders and experts on “Integrating Long-Term Services and Supports: Advancing New Models for Care and Financing” on July 28, 2016 in Washington, DC.

The Roundtable was a continuation of LTQA’s project on Developing the Business Case for Integrated LTSS, which includes the Taxonomy of Long-Term Services and Supports Integration and our 10 case studies of exemplary programs integrating LTSS.

The Roundtable focused on developing an agenda to advance integrated approaches, building on a firm knowledge of what works.  LTQA sought through the Roundtable to develop a greater understanding of:

  • The most critical features of programs integrating LTSS, features that would need to be replicated in other contexts;
  • Ways to overcome barriers to integration in the delivery system and in federal regulations and statute;
  • Ways to drive more widespread adoption of what works, both through traditional vehicles, and through unusual programs in non-traditional settings.

Participants at the end of the Roundtable offered suggestions on next steps and initiatives LTQA could undertake to help drive growth in person-centered, integrated LTSS and to improve consumer and physician buy-in.

The proceedings are meant to capture the essence of the discussion and flag the most important issues for LTQA to address in working groups, forums, and policy briefing papers in the coming months.