Webinar: Congressional Briefing – What is Integrated Care?

Date: April 13, 2023

Arielle Mir, Arnold Ventures
Allison Rizer, ATI Advisory
Brandon G. Wilson, Community Catalyst
Erin Weir Lakhmani, Mathematica
Mary Kaschak, LTQA

On April 13, LTQA hosted a bipartisan Congressional committee educational session on integrated care for dually eligible beneficiaries for Energy & Commerce and Ways & Means committee staff. This first of a two-part briefing series provided an overview of the populations encompassing dually eligible beneficiaries and the complex care environment they navigate. The second briefing will be focused on Recent Developments, Lessons Learned and Opportunities to Advance Integrated Care.

Topics covered:

  • Who are Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees?
  • Challenges of Addressing Complex Needs for Dual Eligible Individuals, and the Role of Integrated Programs
  • What is Integrated Care?
  • Remaining Challenges to Achieving Integrated Care