New LTQA Video on the Value of Integrated LTSS

What is LTSS integration? What does LTSS integration look like? What is the future of LTSS integration? Why does LTSS integration matter?

To answer these questions, LTQA produced this video which addresses the value of integrated LTSS from the diverse perspectives of a physician, a health plan administrator, a care manager, a family caregiver, a member, an LTSS service provider, a prominent researcher, and the Secretary of Elder Affairs in Massachusetts.

All are welcome to share this video and to use it for trainings and other purposes, with attribution to LTQA.

LTQA appreciates the following for their time and energy:

Secretary Alice Bonner

Stephanie Rasmussen

Percell Reed

Tom Riley

Bettie Roundtree

Paul Saucier

Lois Simon

Dr. Gregg Warshaw