Innovative Communities Summit Final Report

LTQA’s 2nd Innovative Communities Summit gathered a variety of leaders to explore how the alliance can support Innovative Communities and how these communities can work together to improve care transitions and reduce unnecessary rehospitalizations. The wealth of knowledge and experience in evidence during this gathering was truly impressive. Summit participants represented 20 Innovative Communities, 20 federal agencies and 15 state and local governments. Five participants represented the philanthropic community. Seven consumers joined the summit, as did 32 providers of health care, long-term services and supports, and home and community-based services. We also welcomed 14 organizations representing health-care purchasers and payers, and 16 academicians whose area of expertise includes health policy.

In addition to these expert participants, LTQA was honored to introduce 11 presenters who interacted with one another and with summit participants during facilitated panels and small-group discussions.  The Summit was made possible by support from The Commonwealth Fund.  The final report from the Summit is now available and can be found by clicking here.