Improving Medicare’s Post Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Hill Briefing Materials

On June 23, the National Coalition on Health Care and Long Term Quality Alliance convened for a briefing on the Improving Medicare’s Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act. Participants discussed the importance of standardizing data in post-acute settings. The IMPACT Act would lay the foundation for comparing quality across settings, improving discharge planning, and modernizing post-acute care payments by requiring post-acute providers to report standardized assessment data and quality measures. Presenters included Dr. David Gifford, MD, MPH, Judith Tobin, MBA, PT and Lisa Grabert, MPH. After their presentations, they also addressed questions from stakeholders. For those interested, we have attached the agenda from the meeting, Dr. Gifford’s slide presentation, and a section-by-section guide of the IMPACT Act.

6-23 IMPACT Forum Agenda

Dr. David Gifford’s Presentation

PAC Section-by-Section Guide