Health Affairs launches “The Care Span”

With the support of The SCAN Foundation, Health Affairs has launched a new feature, “The Care Span”, a section that focuses on long term services and supports (LTSS).  Bruce Chernoff, a member of the LTQA Board is President of The SCAN Foundation.  In its March issue, the lead author of one of two featured articles was Susan Reinhard, LTQA board member and leader of AARPs Public Policy Institute.  In A high-performing system of long-term services and supports,  Dr. Reinhard and her colleagues explore how the Affordable Care Act of 2010 can help move states toward creating a better system of LTSS with options beyond nursing homes and institutional care. Five characteristics of a high-performing system of long-term services and supports are identified including: recognizing and supporting family and other unpaid caregivers, so that they can maintain their own well-being and continue providing care; promoting ease of access and affordability to people in need of long-term services and support; taking a “person-centered” approach that allows people to receive supports where and from whom they choose; ensuring that long-term services and supports are safe and effective and enhance the quality of life of the people receiving them; and integrating long-term services and supports with health-related services, such as clinical care and physical therapy, as well as with social supports, such as transportation, to ensure smooth and effective care transitions when they are necessary.

The following link can be used to access the complete atricle:

How The Affordable Care Act Can Help Move States Toward A High-Performing System Of Long-Term Services And Supports