June 27, 2018 Forum: “Connecting LTSS and Health Care Information”


Connecting LTSS and Health Care Information:

The State of Data Interoperability Efforts and Where We Go From Here


1666 K Street NW – Suite 1100


Wednesday, June 27, 2018
9 AM to Noon


A critical component of integrated care is the capacity to communicate and share information among otherwise unconnected medical, behavioral health, and social service sectors providing services and supports for individuals with complex care needs.

Several related Federal initiatives are now coming together, after years of effort, to provide a solid framework for data interoperability and more effective care coordination.  Much of this work is not accessible or apparent to the community of advocates, service providers, and payers who are driving the evolution and expansion of integrated care delivery systems and health plans.  Yet, as these platforms are tested and set forth in the context of long-term services and supports (LTSS) and integrated care, they create new opportunities for redesigning integrated care processes, organizations, and finances.

This Forum will bring together payers, LTSS providers, advocates, and consumers from LTQA’s membership and its sphere of interested and connected professionals to understand and appreciate the transformative power of recent advances in the state of data interoperability.

LTQA Board Member Dr. Terrence O’Malley, a key figure in the movement toward interconnected eLTSS, will moderate two panels of leaders of several key initiatives to paint a picture of the achievements, potential, and next steps in the ongoing effort to connect LTSS and health care information.

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Moderator: Terrence O’Malley, MD, Partners Healthcare


Panel 1: Advances in eLTSS data architecture

Evelyn Gallego

Project Manager for eLTSS, CEO of EMI Advisors, LLC, contractor to the Office of the National Coordinator, HHS

Liz Palena Hall

LTPAC Coordinator Office of Policy ONC/DHHS

On Detail to: CMS, Div. of Chronic&Post-Acute Care, Data Element Library

Beth Connor

CMS, Data Element Library and IMPACT Act

Arun Natarajan

Senior Policy Analyst ONC/HHS


Panel 2: State and local implementation experiences

Shane Owens

Health IT Design Lead, Socio-Technical Systems Division, George Tech Research Institute

John Byer

CEO, Long Term Care Innovation, Inc.