Urban Institute Releases New LTSS Financing Model

On November 17th, Health Affairs honored the release of Financing Long-Term Services and Supports: Options Reflect Trade-Offs For Older Americans and Federal Spending, by Melissa M. Favreault, Howard Gleckman and Richard W. Johnson of Urban Institute. The event gave an overview of the long-term care landscape and highlighted the report’s policy modeling options for financing long-term care. The event was … Read More

Developing the Business Case for LTSS Integration

LTQA has initiated a new study aimed at developing the “business case” for integrating LTSS and medical coverage in health plans. The study will provide a description and analysis of various approaches to LTSS integration and will explore the interaction of medical and LTSS coverage integration and the outcomes and overall cost of care. LTQA has selected 11 “exemplar” integrated … Read More

New LTQA Study: State-Led Reform of LTSS

An LTQA study — “An Assessment of State-Led Reform of Long-Term Services and Supports” by Dr. Mary Naylor and colleagues — appears online this month in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. The article analyzes strategies that states commonly use to improve LTSS and suggests that change will require holistic policies with long-term perspectives. The study will appear … Read More