Webinar: A Deep Dive on In-Home Support Services, Caregiver Supports, and Social Needs Benefits: How Medicare Advantage Plans are Using These Benefits to Meaningfully Meet Members’ Needs

Event Date: March 13, 2023

Narda Ipakchi, The SCAN Foundation
Janice Gilmer-Gentry, BCBS Kansas
David Ruehle, Molina Healthcare
Christina Wu, LTQA
Bill Winfrey, ATI Advisory

Several years into the implementation of nonmedical supplemental benefits in Medicare Advantage (MA), there is little understood about how plans are structuring and delivering these benefits to meaningfully meet members’ needs. To advance understanding of these benefits, LTQA and ATI Advisory, with support from The SCAN Foundation, have conducted a deep dive analysis of benefits designed to resemble Medicaid benefits to support Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) needs – in-home support services (IHSS), caregiver supports, and social needs benefits.

LTQA and ATI Advisory held a webinar on Monday, March 13 at 1-2 pm ET to mark the release of our latest report on these three specific nonmedical benefits as a lens into how plans are using these benefits to meet member needs. Featuring speakers from several Medicare Advantage health plans, this webinar highlighted our findings on the scope and breadth of these benefits, how plans are strategically reaching members with these benefits, and why plans choose to offer these human-powered benefits.


Supported by a grant from The SCAN Foundation – advancing a coordinated and easily navigated system of high-quality services for older adults that preserve dignity and independence. For more information, visit www.TheSCANFoundation.org.